About my freelancing work

First of my work was started blogging on blogspot. Then somehow because of other work priorities I have to discontinue the same. After the same I was involved in developing our church website. St. Marys syro malabar church website This was done in 2009 and in 2012-13 there was a need of building an online grocery shop for church. This was mainly intended for online ordering. There is a requirement for invoicing and inventory keeping also integrated. I did some research on good service providers and good open source e-commerce sites. Realized opencart is thebest available with lot of features and a good community backup. The service provider was not providing opencart so I have to install myself and customize it. Modified the theme to a known one and modified little bit to suit ours. Added the initial inventory list. Still work in progress. But it is now ready for just ordering. The invetory keeping can be done by the store owners. Refer St. Marys Mart Now I set my own website to start the freelancing tour more actively.