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Root kernel vulnerability threatens many Linux distributions – Market Research Telecast

2 new vulnerabilities detected. One due to conversion errors in file system allows to access the kernel address space(vulnerability (CVE-2021-33909).

Another vulnerability (CVE-2021-33910) is due to systemd which can be exploited to do a DoS attack and cause kernel panic.

Source: Root kernel vulnerability threatens many Linux distributions – Market Research Telecast

Security job security

It’s a good time to work in the security field. Nemertes has completed it’s research benchmark for the first half of 2009, incorporating interviews with IT and security executives during a recession. The research participants told us that they consider security and compliance spending to be “recession proof”, third only to data network and voice/telecom spending. More>>>

Theft of Twitter documents from Google Apps raises cloud security concerns

A hacker has reportedly obtained and distributed more than 300 confidential documents pertaining to Twitter’s business affairs. The documents were reportedly stored on Google Apps.

The hacker apparently accessed documents with potentially sensitive information about Twitter employees, company finances, partner agreements, and other topics, and forwarded the documents to media outlets such as TechCrunch, which reported on the data breach Tuesday. Read more…

Computer Security: a brief primer

For those that aren’t exactly Computer savvy, but want to ensure that their computer’s are secured, this brief primer on the explanation of computer security should get you started on the right path. Bear in mind, this primer IS very brief and could appear scattered at times, but rest assured that this author will continue to produce quality articles for better understanding and reading. Read more…

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