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Microsoft’s Web Browser-Based OS: Gazelle

Google isn’t the only company toying with the idea of a secure operating system based around a web browser. Back in February, researches at Microsoft revealed details about Gazelle. Gazelle claims to be “a multi-principal OS construction of a secure web browser. Gazelle’s Browser Kernel exclusively provides cross-principal protection and fair sharing of all system resources.” Read more…

Slashdot | Is There Room For a Secure Web Browser?

An anonymous reader points out an eWeek story about researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who are designing a new web browser based on security. The new software, code-named OP for Opus Palladianum, will separate various components of the browser into subsystems which are monitored and managed by the browser kernel.

Slashdot | Is There Room For a Secure Web Browser?

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