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Gartner Predicts Rise of ‘Cloud Service Brokerages

As cloud computing environments become more commonplace and complex, users will have a difficult time integrating the various cloud services and ensuring their integrity, according to Gartner. That will give rise to what Gartner is calling “cloud service brokerages,” which will essentially negotiate the relationship between the end users and providers and make it easier for businesses to manage their cloud services. Read more…

Theft of Twitter documents from Google Apps raises cloud security concerns

A hacker has reportedly obtained and distributed more than 300 confidential documents pertaining to Twitter’s business affairs. The documents were reportedly stored on Google Apps.

The hacker apparently accessed documents with potentially sensitive information about Twitter employees, company finances, partner agreements, and other topics, and forwarded the documents to media outlets such as TechCrunch, which reported on the data breach Tuesday. Read more…

Microsoft Cloud Computing Infrastructure

The Microsoft Private Cloud enables:

  • Management of the datacenter fabric as a single pool of resources
  • Delivery of scalable applications and workloads
  • Focus on the management of the datacenter service and it’s dependencies
  • Federation of services across the full cloud continuum

Microsoft is enabling customers to build the foundation for a private cloud infrastructure using Windows Server® and System Center family of products with the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Enterprises (availability scheduled in the first half of 2010).

The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Enterprises is a free, partner-extensible toolkit that will enable datacenters to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage resources to enable IT as a service. Read more…

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