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Intel Wants Servers to Have Open FCoE Inside

Two years ago, Robert Love, a senior software engineer at Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), unveiled a new open source project called Open-FCoE to the Linux community. In April, Open-FCoE moved a step closer to its goal when its FCoE initiator, along with the data center bridging (DCB) drivers, which provide the quality of service that organizations need to be able to run Fibre Channel over Ethernet on a unified wire (along with other traffic types), were included in the 2.6.29 Linux kernel.
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SIGGRAPH – New Intel® Threading Building Blocks for Developers

At SIGGRAPH, Intel made available version 2.2 of Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), the most widely used high level programming method for parallelism. Intel TBB 2.2 maintains the functionality and platform support of previous versions and adds numerous feature and performance improvements, including full support for the lambda capabilities of the new C++ draft standard (C++0x) and more flexibility for ISVs to redistribute with applications using Intel TBB. Autodesk Maya* and Epic Games Unreal Engine* are among the applications that will be reshipping some or all of Intel TBB 2.2 to support ecosystem developers. More>>>

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