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Micron 9300 NVMe drive product family review

Form Factor: U.2 2.5″ 15mm
Storage Interface: PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe
NAND: Micron 64 layer 3D TLC NAND
PRO is read intensive, available in 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB and 15.36 TB
MAX is Mixed use, available in 3.2 TB, 6.4 TB and 12.8 TB.

2 million device hours

Seq. read 14W Max
Seq. write 21W Max

Oper. temp

Seq. Read(MB/s) – 3500
Seq. Write (MB/s) – 3100-3500
Rand. Read(K IOPS) – 835-850
Rand Write(K IOPS) – 105-310
Average Latency – 86us for rand read and 11us for rand write.
Workload optimized for high speed random reads and writes. Good for Tier1 caching drives.

Target Market segments
Best fit for below applications.
AI/ML/DL training and caching.
Database acceleration.
No SQL database and large object database
Big Data

Refer Datasheet

Russia – Ukraine war – 04/18/22(54/120 days) 90 days is culminating point for Russian new strategy of capturing Donbas.

Russia still have the opportunity to use tactical nuclear weapons. I still believe there is something big to happen. Like Taiwan invasion or nuclear or chemical weapon use. There will be a major twist to war were Ukraine will blame on US for backstabbing towards the end of the war.

For Putin, meeting his goals is his ultimate objectives. He don’t care how many equipment’s destroyed or troops killed. For Russia its show off power, control of the region and clearing the arsenal to make way for the new are the priorities in the war. For US its a business in the name of protection they right now might have got lot of orders from other Russian neighbors including Japan. Why didn’t US asked its allies to send patriots instead of S300? If it gets destroyed, their business plans will get impacted. Ukraine is the scapegoat of this war. So if Russia wants to end the war, they can either create a new flash point which is of more interest for US(e.g:- Taiwan) or bring the war to abruptly end via tactical nuclear weapon use. Their priority is Donbas and securing Crimea permanently. Once that is achieved only we will know what are their phase 3 plans. Since Ukraine lost a lot of territory Russia is already into a long term war where they need to change the strategy again after the phase 2 culminating point (~90 days). So they can end the war with a strategy which will end the US interests in Ukraine. The threats from Russia to baltic area is just a mockery. Even if Finland and Sweden joins NATO, Russia will not attack them as they already have nuclear weapons in baltic area. Finland/Sweden cannot be compared to Ukraine w.r.t Russia’s interest. At least my prediction on culminating point for 40 days went correct as Russia changed the strategy in ~38 days instead of a stalemate or more loss than advantages. Russia moved out of Kyiv and changed strategy on Donbas only. The recent disclosure from the Chechniyan leader points that Russia has intentions to get Kyiv and remaining part also conquered. So a phase 3 is also expected.

“Russia shot down a cargo plane carrying foreign aid weapons sent to Ukraine over Odesha” That’s the power of S-400. Striking at enemy aircraft from your own controlled territory. Possibly Moskva sunk by a foreign made anit-ship missile than Neptune. If it was Neptune they don’t need 50 days to try.

Intel Gets Back To Years-Long Journey Upstreaming PECI – Phoronix

Intel started supporting the PECI communication interface in the Linux kernel. PECI is the Platform Environment Control Interface and is for communication between Intel Xeon processors and BMCs / management controllers. Seems like an approach to make OpenBMC rich to support CPU package and DIMM temperature reading via Linux drivers. A move which AMD is still proprietary to provide the support.

Source: Intel Gets Back To Years-Long Journey Upstreaming PECI – Phoronix

Data structures an introduction

Data structure: Way of organizing data so we can efficiently use it.
Essential ingredients in creating fast and powerful algorithms.
Help to manage and organize data.
makes code cleaner and easier to understand.

Abstract data type: Is an abstraction of a data structure which provides only the interface to which a data structure must adhere to. Interface will not give any specifics to how something should be implemented or in what programming language.

ADT – Implementation(DS)
List – Dynamic Array, Linked list.
Queue – Linked List Based queue, Array based queue, Stack base queue
Map – Tree map, Hash map, Hash table

Computational complexity analysis:
How much time does this algorithm needs to finish the computation?
How much space does this algoritm needs to finish the computation?

Big data
Omega meta data

Big-O notation: Upper bound complexity of the worst case irrespective of the size of data(small data set or large data set)
n – The size of the input
Complexities ordered in from the smallest to largest.
Constant Time : O(1)
Logarithmic Time : O(log(n))
Linear time : O(n)
Linearithmic Time : O(nlog(n))
Quadric Time : O(nsquared)
Cubic Time : O(ncube)
Exponential Time : O(bpowern), b>1
Factorial Time : O(n!)

O(n + c) = O(n)
O(cn) = O(n), c > 0

f(n) = 7 log(n)3 + 15n2 + 2n3 + 8

O(f(n)) = O(n3) as n3 is the biggest value.

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