Review on Google Chromebook Pixel

Google’s Chromebook Pixel is a gorgeous, solid, aluminum-bodied laptop supporting high-resolution display.

Pros: Luxurious and sturdy design; Superior high-resolution display; Fantastic keyboard and touchpad; Very loud and clear speakers; 4G LTE built in

Google’s Chromebook Pixel is an idea. It describes Google’s vision of a high-end laptop for citizens of a future world, freed from the encumbrances of old-style computer operating systems, existing entirely on the Web.  Read more…

Google’s Web-based Chromebook laptops seem to be heading in two different directions. On one end, there’s the Samsung Chromebook Series 3. At the time of his writing, it’s the best-selling laptop on Perhaps not surprising, given its $249 price tag — it’s basically filling the low-end gap left by the collapse of the netbook and the rise of the 7-inch tablet. Read more...

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