Design Patterns – Introduction – Session 1


Design Patterns are well known design solutions for well known design problems. Design pattern will provide you the approach in which you have to solve the design and not the implementation. Design patterns will not define the architecture, but only defines the solutions for the design problems.

A Famous architect called Christopher Alexander originated the concept. Later the concept was copied to other disciplines. Gang-of-four is a well know book on software design patterns.Patterns are something which are recurring. If we take some design problems we will be able to correlate some common patterns in it. Design patterns help you in resolving those issues which has already proven solutions developed.


There are four types of design patterns.
1) Creational Pattern – Deals with how the object needs to be created.
2) Structural Pattern – Deals with how to establish relation between two entities.
3) Behavioral Pattern – Deals with the common communication patterns between the objects.
4) Concurrency Pattern – Quiz? Can somebody answer?

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17 years of experience in various layers of software. Primarily experienced in system side software design and development on server management software. Interested in linux development in x86 and arm architecture.


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