Conspiracy theories around Corona virus breakout

There are multiple conspiracy theory on Corona breakout. Here are my views. My views are personal and possibilities, may not be real.

  1. Naturally mutant virus – The virus was not detected before like chicken pox or polio and detected after decades of advanced science. Certainly in China people use lot of meat and should have been detected before. One possibility is virus became mutant naturally to infect humans. Till now may be hidden in spreading only in animals.
  2. Artificially mutant virus
    1. Biological warfare by US – After US trade war to bring down China, possibilities of a biological attack. Biological attack is hard to detect. Based on how CIA changed the world, anything is possible.
    2. Biological warfare by China – Could have been used against its own people on a small scale to divert from current Hong kong tensions. But went out of control.
    3. Escaped from lab – The virus was created and escaped through someone who didn’t follow the safety procedure or someone purposefully took it out without detecting.

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