Russia – Ukraine war – 03/11/2022

Prediction on war strategy still hold good . War is moving towards the same strategy of covering Kiev from all sides. Till now pending was south and east troop movements towards Kiev, they will also wait near the Ukraine defense setup in south and east. Some thing which I didn’t foresee early was the capture of east and south territories of Russian interests. Russia will wait for the areas they wanted to hold post war in East and South. Once that is done final assault on Kiev. If they now capture Kiev war will end soon and they cannot further capture territory of their interests.

Prediction on Russias attack plan on Kiev

The first wave should be to use jammer or electro magnetic pulses to bring all electronic equipment’s working inside Kiev to fail or not working, won’t be surprised to use some method to even blind the satellites too. Ukranian troops may not be even able to communicate each other between north, west, south and east. They have to use traditional methods of communication. It will be a complete electronic blackout in Kiev. Then will follow with precision strikes by missile and bombers, shelling and thrust of tank convoy inside Kiev from all the 4 sides. Russian satellites, drones might have already scanned the defense of Ukraine. We should see some new methods of war. One single assault on Kiev will change the way world will see how capable Russian army is. Opening for a new arms race which China and Russia will become the first mover.

Pending checklist items in Russian war plan to attack Kiev

  1. Capture of Kharkiv
  2. Capture of Mariapaul
  3. Troops from southern side to Reach Kiev.

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