Russia – Ukraine war – 03/30/22(35/120 days) – Revised from 40 days to 120 days.

  • Phase 1 of operations over as per Russia. Now concentrating on Donbas.
  • Russia pledged to reduce the attacks in Kyiv and Cherniv as part of truce meeting. i.e, Donbas can expect more attacks.
  • Russian arm depot inside Russia is hit with a strategic missile strike. Its interesting how they were able to defeat S-400. Did Ukraine received Cruise missiles? Was there any relation with Indian accidental missile strike? It might be to test the S-400 missiles vulnerabilities than Pakistan defense. Possible chance.
  • Real offense troops for the Kyiv is still hiding in Belarus border. The stalled convoy is to setup defense around Kyiv.
  • I have 100% confidence Putin wants to remove Zelensky out of the power.
  • Zelensky is now in a situation he cannot go for truce without giving up Crimea and Donbas as well as getting killed or captured. He has to fight to his last blood.

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