P-Cores vs E-Cores & Intel’s New CPUs: What it All Means

Intel’s new Alderlake CPU onwards comes up with new architecture of hybrid cores. Traditionally multi core CPU uses same power cores which doesn’t gives you a good performance.
This is due to the reason the background tasks which needs less CPU time are processed by the high power cores. Mobile technology uses lower power core to handle the background taks which extends the battery life. Intel now implements P-core and E-core concenpt in a single CPU.
P-core is performance core are standard normal CPU core to run heavy duty tasks. This offers Hyper Threading.
E-core is Efficient cores to run back ground tasks.
With 12th Gen Intel CPU core notatins are redefined as below.
A 12 core processor with 8 P-Core and 4 E-core is defiend as 8C4c.

Windows 11 has the patch to make  use of the hybrid CPU architecture efficiently.

Read more about the P-core and E-core in the below article.

Source: P-Cores vs E-Cores & Intel’s New CPUs: What it All Means

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