Yahoo officially says no to Microsoft; It could get ugly

Yahoo officially says no to Microsoft; It could get ugly by ZDNet‘s Larry Dignan — Yahoo on Monday made its rejection of Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid official, concluding that the software giant’s offer “is not in the best interests of Yahoo! and our stockholders” and “substantially undervalues” the company. According to Yahoo’s statement: “After careful evaluation, the Board believes that Microsoft’s proposal substantially undervalues Yahoo! including our global brand, large worldwide audience, […]

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Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes

Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes by ZDNet‘s Ed Bott — How many bug fixes are included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1? By Microsoft’s count, SP1 rolls up 551 separate hotfixes, in addition to 23 security updates rated Important and already delivered via Windows Update. A handful of those hotfixes were previously released via Windows Update, but most were available only to corporate customers and OEMs. If that sounds like a lot, well, it is. But it’s not out of line with the number of fixes that went into the first two service packs for Windows XP. I’ve got the full breakdown by category.

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Here is how to copy the required number of lines from one file to another in VI editor.  First
use the following key combinations in the source file.


Press Shift “(Shift double quotes)

Press a

Press the number of lines you want to copy

press y followed by another y


Now press ” : ” (COLON) to get the vi prompt.

Hit e “Destination file name”

Once you enter the Destination file

go to the line where you want the lines

copied to be inserted.



Press SHIFT “(Double quotes).

Press a.

Press p.


The lines get copied.

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