Welcome to Tech Journey

What is it?

Tech Journey is a blog where I would like to collaborate with various programmers who like to share their experience in software development, testing, design and blah blah blah. Here no one is a boss so anyone can contribute, which he/she thinks, is good enough for reading.


The reason is to gather thoughts on really random topic by random people so the real collaboration happens. This should be like a open forum for all. If you do not like a post you can put up your post just next to it.


Following are the very basic suggestions:

  • Find a topic of your interest.
  • Write on it, even a small description of a shell script is also good but you have to be convinced that at least you would like to read the post.
  • Have a spell check before sending it.

Selection criteria:

  • It has to be technical.
  • My whim.

I believe in programmers so any member can post a blog. But if following happens you will be out with your posts:

  • Offensive post against any technology (Decided by me and some members).
  • Any business post.

So how to join?

send your blogger id page to me and you will be here as I will add you as author.(e-mail: viewsforsamik@gmail.com )

Hope this will help us all.

Disclaimer: If I do not see any response to it in next 2 months I will drop this blog.

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