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Using the Screen command

Screen command benefits

  • Can be used to launch multiple shells from a single SSH session.
  • Detach and re-attach from multiple ssh session.
  • Running process which can take more time and need session to be kept alive.
  • To keep the session alive without any network disruptions.

The command to create a screen session is

screen -t <screen name> -S <socket file name>

To detach a screen session

ctrl+a + d

To list the screen sessions

screen -ls

To reattach the screen session

screen -r <pid/name from the list>

Presume you lost the console where the screen was running before detaching the screen. You can detach and reattach using the below command

screen -dr <pid/name from the list>

Tips for turning your screen around

Yesterday I was working with my laptop connected with a remote monitor. I realised the screen in my laptop looks upside down. Not sure I did pressed any key combination or a bug with windows. Searched for the screen turning around and found this good tip. This is with windows 10. May work for other versions also.

Tips for turning the screen around:

    If you want to turn the screen upside down, press “Ctrl + Alt + down arrow”.
    To turn the screen back to the default position, press “Ctrl + Alt + up arrow”.
    To turn the screen on to the side, press “Ctrl + Alt + left/right arrow”.